Star comedian to join YCP soon?

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018, 10:20:01 AM IST

It is a known thing that a few prominent names in Tollywood are ardent supporters of Telugu Desam Party. This culture is nothing new and started back when Sr NTR made his entry into active politics. It is rare to see a prominent actor from Tollywood support a political party other than TDP.

However, the latest news is that star comedian, Prudhvi, who is famous for his ’30 years industry’ dialogue may be joining YSRCP soon. The actor recently posted a photo of him alongside Jagan and welcomed the young leader to Krishna district as a part of his Pada Yatra.

Speaking about the photo, Prudhvi said that he saw a real leader in Jagan right from the day he entered politics. He added that Chandra Babu is trying to trick people into thinking that the TDP government is actually working for the welfare of the people. Interestingly, Prudhvi said that the TDP government is trying to buy the YCP MLAs just like the way it buys Nandi awards.

These strong claims indicate that the actor is ready to join YCP in the near future. It needs to be seen if this turn into reality.