Staggering numbers behind Pawan’s new house

Monday, March 12th, 2018, 07:11:20 PM IST

Tollywood star hero, Pawan Kalyan frequently claims that he is a simple person. There were instances when Pawan said that he had to sell his car to pay salaries to his employees. He is normally seen in simple clothing and does not use fancy cars.

On a contemporary note, Pawan Kalyan is building a new house in Guntur district. He is looking to stay active in politics and concentrate on 2019 elections. Pawan, along with his family attended the Bhoomi pooja ceremony today.

Here are some interesting numbers behind Pawan’s new house. The actor turned politician has bought 2 acres of land near Amaravathi. The estimated value of this property is close to Rs 25 crores, including taxes and registration fees.

The construction and designing costs can over the top as the house is being built in a luxurious manner. At the least, the final cost of the house may touch Rs 60-65 crores mark. How can Pawan source the income and manage this huge expense is a tough question to answer.