Sridevi was killed according to a plan

Friday, May 18th, 2018, 06:40:41 PM IST

The sudden demise of Evergreen actress, Sridevi came as a rude shock to her fans and followers. When the news about her sudden death in a star hotel at Dubai broke out, the entire cine fraternity went into a sorrow state. The Kapoor family simply could not digest the fact that their dear family member is no more.

The unfortunate incident happened on February 24th and many people raised doubts on the reasons behind Sridevi’s death. A few people filed petitions in the supreme court, but the case did not come to hearing as the court felt that it cannot interfere in this issue.

The latest news is that a former ACP named Ved Bhooshan is claiming that Sridevi was killed according to a proper plan. The retired officer is currently working as a private investigator in Delhi and made these interesting comments on the case. He said that it is simple for anyone to murder a person in a bathtub and making it look like a suicide. He further revealed that he is not satisfied with the Dubai police department’s forensic report and is interested to know further details about the case.

This is really sad as Sridevi spent all her life with cameras and media focussing on every minute detail of her life. Sadly, even after her death, people are not letting her rest in peace.