Sridevi did not die due to surgeries: Ekta Kapoor

Monday, February 26th, 2018, 04:57:18 PM IST

The sudden demise of evergreen beauty, Sridevi has come as a rude shock to the entire country. The legendary actress breathed her last on 25th February in Dubai.

There are many rumors doing rounds saying that beauty surgeries are the prime reason for her death. Netizens are drawing conclusions that extensive usage of beauty products and treatments have cost Sridevi her life.

Reacting to the situation, small screen producer, Ekta Kapoor came up with a strong reply. She stated that people are drawing conclusions on their own and the news that surgeries affected Sridevi’s health is false.

Ekta opined that this is not the right time to dish out opinions about the actress’s death. She added that anyone can have a heart seizure even when they do not have any history of heart problems.

The young entrepreneur said that only fate can decide the birth and demise of a person. She urged everyone to stay calm and stop spreading rumors about the reason for Sridevi’s death.