Published On: May 22, 2018 9:50 AM IST

Sri Reddy : Janasena is a caste-based party

Criticising or foul mouthing Pawan Kalyan has turned into the easiest of ways to gain publicity and make headlines. Not long ago, Kathi Mahesh followed this strategy and went on criticising Pawan Kalyan and his ideologies. He kept raising doubts about the political agenda and the core strategies of Pawan’s Janasena.

Just when people thought this sage came to an end, a struggling actress in Tollywood, Sri Reddy came into the frame and started a war against the casting couch culture in Tollywood. All of a sudden, she used an abusive word against Pawan Kalyan and then came Ram Gopal Varma, saying he asked Sri Reddy to go hard on Pawan Kalyan.

This incident created a massive ripple in the Telugu states and all hell broke loose after Pawan stated that he will be targetting a section of media. However, there were no updates from Pawan Kalyan after a string of uninteresting tweets that had no real intensity.

The latest news is that Sri Reddy has targeted Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena, saying it is a party built on caste-based politics. She stated that all the working level leaders in the party belong to the Kapu community and that speaks a lot about the foundation that the party was built upon.

Well, she may have a point here as almost all of the prominent leaders in Janasena belong to the Kapu community and Pawan has to shrug off the image as soon as possible. Here is a look at Sri Reddy’s post.