Somu Veerraju comes out of Agnathavasam

Thursday, May 17th, 2018, 07:00:40 PM IST

BJP senior leader, Somu Veerraju was very confident that he would land the party president role after Kambhampati Hari Babu resigned to the post. Interestingly, the party high command had other ideas and offered the responsibilities to Kanna Lakshmi Narayana. This incident happened when Kanna was all set to join YCP, but after an interesting turn of events, BJP tied him down by making him the president of BJP AP cell.

Hurt by the decision, Some Veerraju refused to come in front of the cameras and did not interact with media for 3-4 days. However, he is finally back from the agnathavasam and spoke out about the chief minister of AP, Chandra Babu. Somu said that Babu is a person who killed his father in law, Sr NTR to claim control over his party. CBN can go to any extent to get what he wants, this incident is just an example of the same, said the BJP senior leader.

Somu stated that CBN asking the people of Karnataka not to vote for BJP is an unethical act and shows that he is supporting Congress to get revenge on BJP. He added that TDP came to power in 2014 because of the support it received from BJP. Well, no one expected Somu Veerraju to blast through CBN on his first public appearance after losing the president post to Kanna. It needs to be seen if Somu will work with the same level of dedication as his group is disappointed with BJP’s decision.