Shocking : Rajini’s effect on 150 constituencies?

Monday, May 14th, 2018, 12:35:22 PM IST

The political experts in Tamil Nadu have been scratching their heads while estimating the amount of impact Rajinikanth will have in the following elections. The latest inside reports from the ruling party have come up with some interesting numbers behind Rajini’s impact. As per our sources, Rajinikanth’s yet-to-be-established party will have considerable impact in close to 150 MLA constituencies in Tamil Nadu.

This makes Rajini a key player in 150 of the total 234 constituencies in the neighboring state. Reportedly, Rajini has a vote bank of something around 35-40% in these 150 constituencies and that is surely a massive number for a party that is not even established. At this rate, Rajini has every chance of turning into the kingmaker in Tamil Nadu, say a few political followers.

This has pushed the goverment into a defensive state as they have to rewrite all their political strategies for the elections. It would only be fair to say that all the political parties in Tamil Nadu should make changes to their tactics and concentrate on Rajini after coming to know about the amount of following he possesses.