Shocking : Casting couch in parliament

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018, 06:45:54 PM IST

Casting couch is currently one of the most talked about issues in the country. The entire nation was shell-shocked when a struggling artist from Tollywood stripped in front of the film chamber. Even national media looked into the issue and ran special shows about the same.

Speaking about the casting couch, former Congress MP, Renuka Chowdary made some hard-hitting comments on the ongoing issue. She said that the casting couch is not just limited to the film industry and can clearly be seen in various other fields as well. Interestingly, she said that the parliament is no exemption for the same.

These comments gained huge prominence as a former member of parliament is claiming that women are being exploited in the parliament. However, she issued an apology after her comments drew a stern backlash from the viewers.