Published On: Sep 13, 2018 6:24 PM IST

Shocking : A massive leak in Wikipedia about Telugu Bigg Boss

The second edition of Telugu Bigg Boss is currently in the penultimate stage as the reality show is nearing its end. Many people are speculating that either Kaushal or Geetha Madhuri will emerge as the winners.

Coming to the topic, a massive leak regarding Telugu Bigg Boss has surfaced on Wikipedia. In this page, we can clearly see that Samrat and Tanish will be the finalists this time and the other 3 spots are yet to be declared.

Interestingly, we cannot see the hot favorites, Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal’s name on the list. Well, these contestants enjoy the highest amount of following amongst the commons viewers, but these updates are saying a completely different story.

We have been hearing that the makers have planned a special task to eliminate Kaushal from the show. This episode will be aired very soon and there is nothing much anyone can do about it. If this turns to reality, the show will see a massive dip in TRP’s during the closing stages, say a few netizens.