Published On: May 24, 2018 10:37 PM IST

Senior producer: Janasena will be a bigger disaster than Praja Rajyam

Senior producer and director Thammareddy Bharadwaj frequently shares his opinion on the current affairs in the Telugu states. He is one of the most respected personalities in the industry and has the reputation of mediating various issues that arise internally.

Speaking at a recent event, Bharadwaj made some interesting comments on the political journey of Pawan Kalyan. He said that Pawan has come out with the right intention and should make sure that he does not get sidetracked like his brother, Chiranjeevi. He added that Pawan Kalyan should take political advice from seniors in order to ensure the long run of the party. If he wishes to go all on his own, Janasena will end up as a bigger disaster than Praja Rajya, said Thammareddy.

The interesting point is that Pawan has the reputation of taking things into his own hands and he is not much of a listener. Even the way he is running Janasena clearly indicates that he is taking individual decisions and giving very little prominence to other leaders. With that being said, Pawan is managing to pull huge crowds to his events even in distinct areas in Uttharandhra. He is doing fine as a mass leader, but will he be able to maintain his composure when elections pressure kicks in? We have to wait for a few more months to know the answer.