Sania Mirza’s sister to file for divorce?

Thursday, May 17th, 2018, 04:26:20 PM IST

Sania Mirza broke the internet a while ago by announcing her pregnancy through her social media accounts. Many netizens came up with warm wishes for Sania and her husband Shoaib Malik as the couple is expecting a baby girl. Sania posted that the name of their child will be Mirza Malik, covering the surnames of Sania and Shoaib.

Just when everything seemed to be going right for the Mirza family, Anam Mirza, sister of Sania Mirza has created a tensed atmosphere in the family. The buzz is that Anam is looking to take divorce from her husband, Akbar Rasheed. The couple had a lavish wedding event that was attended by many Bollywood celebrities in 2015. They established a fashion store in Hyderabad and everyone thought that the couple was having a great time together.

Sadly, things fell apart and the couple has decided to end their marriage life. The exact reason behind this strong decision is unknown as of now. We can expect further clarity about the happenings in the near future.