Right initiative, bad execution from YSRCP

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018, 09:37:32 AM IST

Andhra Pradesh opposition party, YSR Congress has been on point right from the starting stages of the fight for special category status. The party’s MPS have been on a hunger strike at the AP Bhavan in Delhi.

The latest news is that the YCP leaders have called for a Rail Roko in Andhra Pradesh. The leaders have already initiated the process and called for support from other parties. However, this does not look like a worthy plan. The center has been neglecting the state for a really long time. It would be a bad move to expect the center to react to highway block protest and Rail Rokos.

Any fight from AP leaders should be targetted at Delhi so that national parties can get to know about the proceedings. This build up the pressure on the NDA government. Any protests in AP can yield very minimal results.ces added.