Published On: Jun 3, 2018 11:17 PM IST

RGV faces severe flak from Akkineni fans

When the reports of Nagarjuna signing RGV’s Officer first emerged earlier this year, Akkineni fans were quite taken aback by Nag’s decision. RGV’s track record over the past few years has been forgettable and it made Akkineni fans anxious.

True to their fear, Officer has turned out to be a colossal failure. The film has been rejected by critics and even fans. Adding salt to the wound, the film is registering negative shares at the box-offices in its opening weekend itself.

Needless to say, RGV is facing severe backlash from the agonized Akkineni fans, who are openly criticizing his lackluster efforts in coming up with a decent film and also misusing Nag’s trust. A couple of months ago, RGV had announced a project with Akhil playing the lead, but it looks uncertain at the moment.