RGV behind Sri Reddy’s bold comments on Pawan?

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018, 10:55:42 PM IST

Sri Reddy’s protests on the ‘casting couch’ issue in TFI took a new turn with some shocking allegations made by POW Leader Sandhya who accused the controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma of asking Sri Reddy to say such things about Pawan.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, she alleged that RGV riled Sri Reddy to make such bold statements against Pawan Kalyan to heighten her protest. “I’ve seen the messages sent by Ram Gopal Varma to Sri Reddy and we have the screenshots of this conversation” she said.

The relationship between Pawan and RGV had seen quite some ups and downs but this could lead to a serious affray between the two. We are yet to see the reaction of the Janasena Chief and the Telugu Film Industry to this latest revelation.