Revealed: The Producer Who’s Funding Janasena

Sunday, May 6th, 2018, 11:58:20 PM IST

When Pawan Kalyan launched Janasena Party in 2014, there were speculations about the main source behind funding for Janasena’s activities. There were rumours that leading producer PVP was the man who funded Janasena.

Pawan even lobbied heavily to get a TDP MP ticket for PVP, but failed. And now, speculations are rife once again about Janasena’s sponsor. Not surprisingly, it’s another Tollywood producer even this time around.

Apparently, Nela Ticket’s producer Ram Talluri is said to be the man who’s funding Janasena. And to oblige Ram’s loyalty, Pawan is attending Nela Ticket’s audio launch event soon. Not stopping there, Pawan is seriously considering giving an MP ticket to Ram Talluri. Let’s wait and see.