Revealed: Money spent by Naidu to win as MLA

Thursday, March 1st, 2018, 04:29:32 PM IST

Indian politics are completely different from any other country in the world. Spending money to contest in elections is a mandatory procedure in many parts of the country.

On a contemporary note, Andhra Pradesh chief minister, Nara Chandra Babu Naidu made some interesting comments. He opened about the amount of money he spent while contesting as an MLA for the first time.

Naidu said that he spent close to Rs 90,000 in his first political campaign. He added that he used his father’s income from agriculture to manage the expenses. Moreover, spending 90,000 in 1978 is not a small amount by any means.

Well. this is an interesting revelation from TDP’s commander-in-chief. It is already known that Naidu has been active in politics for over 40 years.