Published On: May 26, 2018 6:12 PM IST

Revealed: Babu’s social media campaigning cost

It is an open secret that social media campaigning played a key role during 2014 nation-wide elections. Narendra Modi made full use of the reach that was offered by social media and that came in handy, creating a positive vibe around the party just before the 2019 elections. The BJP used a special team of social media experts and that gave rise to the integration of social media promotions with real-time politics.

On a contemporary note, Chandra Babu Naidu, known for his advanced administration skills, is looking to repeat a similar feat in AP. Apparently, Babu is feeling that properly planned social media advertisements can work wonder for the yellow party. In a bid to improve his presence on the internet, Babu has joined hands with Hubilo, a social media management firm. It is being reported that the deal is worth somewhere around Rs 6 crores.

Also, Babu has hired a team of 160 SMEs from M group to work on his profiles. This collaboration will cost a staggering sum of Rs 25 crores and that will be paid by the state government, said a source. This takes the total tally to Rs 31 crores. The state is already suffering from lack of funds, but that is not stopping the TDP from spending lump some amounts on promotional campaigns.