Published On: May 22, 2018 6:10 PM IST

Report : No ‘Security’ for Pawan Kalyan

A while ago, Pawan Kalyan took a strange decision of sorts and rejected the gunmen that were provided by the government. There were rumors that Pawan Kalyan rejected the security after coming to know that they were leaking all the private information of Janasena to TDP leaders. Interestingly, he requested the government to take back the security personnel that was allotted to him.

As a result, Pawan Kalyan does not have any official security and is relying on private bodyguards. Reacting to this, Janasena leaders are claiming that the government is playing cheap politics by removing the security guards for Pawan Kalyan, They stated that Pawan’s followers are flooding his protest events and it is getting tougher to control the huge crowds. They said that the government has to bear the responsibility if something unexpected happens to Pawan Kalyan.

Well, how can they expect the government to take the responsibility after Pawan himself rejected the security that was provided to him? It would be unfair to criticize the government for taking irrational decisions and cooking up conspiracies, opine political followers.