Published On: Jul 22, 2018 7:56 PM IST

Rejection of visa applications troubling software companies?

The latest visa reforms that are being bought up by various countries are directly troubling the software industry, said Infosys. The number of visa applications that are being rejected by the United States of America government is on a rise and that is a worrying sign for multinational companies. The employees are finding it really tough to get projects completed on time due to this scenario, revealed a report

As a result of visa rejections, the overall expenditure of the companies is crossing the estimated limits and the projects are getting delayed, reported Infosys. Moreover, the industry leader was left with no other option but to oblige to Donald Trump’s latest visa reform, Buy American Hire American. This reform makes it mandatory for US-based firms to hire native Americans in their companies.

According to a few reports, Infosys has already hired over 4000 native Americans through this scheme and is on track to hire 6000 more American in the near future.