Published On: May 28, 2018 12:32 PM IST

Refusing Special Status won’t affect us: BJP

It is known that the refusal of the Centre from giving Special Status to Andhra created quite a stir in the Telugu states and also looked like it had an impact on the other southern states. But the BJP stands confident that this will not affect its victory in the upcoming elections.

After losing the Karnataka elections, the BJP is now focused on Telangana and AP. President Amit Shah is working on the political agenda and the party is quite confident about increasing the BJP count in the Lok Sabha elections.

He dismissed the accusations of Chandra Babu and made it clear that AP would get funds like it was promised. “The government will release funds when work actually begins in the new capital- Amaravati.”

He also stated that they would make a surprise in the Kerela state elections. Though BJP is acting a little negligent towards the feelings of the Telugu people it looks extremely confident or a little over-confident in coming to power in the south as well where the governance of local parties have strong roots.