Published On: Aug 9, 2018 11:19 PM IST

Reddy pins all his hopes on Rahul’s monthly visits

Telangana Congress party is heading in no real direction as none of the seniors are willing to obey the high command’s orders. The likes of Komatireddy, Jana Reddy, and Revanth Reddy have left the party ideologies to the air and started making individual comments on the current scenario in the state.

The party in-charge, Uttam Kumar Reddy is having a very minimal impact on the party cadre as no one is ready to take his inputs. The latest news is that Rahul Gandhi will be visiting Telangana a bit too frequently from now on. As stated by Uttam, Rahul will be heading to Hyderabad once every month and hold public meetings. Also, he will be speaking with the top-level leaders in the party.

Apparently, Uttam is hoping that these monthly visits from Rahul will keep the party cadre in check and the senior leaders will tone down a notch. If not, Congress will be facing a tough time ahead and there are no second thoughts in it.