Published On: Jun 9, 2018 3:44 PM IST

Reddy leader causing troubles in Karnataka

Things are getting trickier for the JDS-Congress alliance as many senior leaders are showing displeasure towards their exclusion from the cabinet. A few leaders have already sent strong internal signals to the party high command while a few leaders are keeping a close eye on the latest developments.

It is being heard that that Congress party senior leader, Ramalinga Reddy is troubling the Karnataka politics by asking his supporters to protest against the party. Apparently, Reddy’s group is holding a few protest events, demanding the high command to allot a minister post to Ramalinga Reddy. They decided to hold the event at Bengaluru town hall and that is currently one of the most talked about topics in the Kannada state.

In the meanwhile, Congress is doing all it can to bring down the heat by assuring the senior leaders that they who will be given other prominent roles. Unfortunately, that is not stopping the leaders from looking for other options and that is one bright prospect for BJP leaders who are patiently waiting for chances to come their way, said a political follower.