Published On: Jun 1, 2018 2:12 PM IST

Reasons behind BJP’s by-poll failure

The results of the by-elections held across the nation came as a major blow to the BJP as it saw defeat in several constituencies it was hoping to win. This is a clear indication that the BJP has to up its game if it is hoping to retain its position in the 2019 elections.

Many feel it is the over-confidence of the BJP Leaders that lost them the elections. Even after suffering a loss at Karnataka, the BJP stood adamant on its confidence that it will win the elections. But it has to observe the indications and understand its losing grip over the people and work towards it.

Reports have shown that the BJP’s failure to curb the rising fuel prices in the country to also play a significant rule in its loss. “They have to change their attitude and their way of thinking if they want to sustain” commented Acharya Pramod, a political commentator.

The BJP losing the support of its allies and regional parties will take a major toll on its vote share. What is surprising is its confidence to contest singularly and win even after all these indications. BJP has to take these defeats to mind and introspect on its doings and work on them if it has to win back the people’s belief.