Published On: May 20, 2018 12:39 AM IST

Real reason why the BJP stepped down

Even after emerging as the party with the highest single majority after the Karnataka Elections, the BJP’s dreams to come to power in the Kannada state did not come true as the JDS and Congress acted shrewdly to turn the tables to their side.

But BJP candidate Yeddyurappa resigned his Chief Minister post a day before the floor test ordered by the Supreme Court. Some analysts also point out to the audio clip released by Congress in which an alleged BJP MLA Gali Janrdhan Reddy is heard to attempt bribery to be one of the reasons behind the stepping down of the BJP.

The BJP must have realized that all the happenings are against them and coming into power in such a situation would make the party lose whatever trust the people had in them and hence the adopted the ‘Vajpayee formula’ and apparently the Prime Minister and Party President Amit Shah advised Yeddyurappa to resign for the best.