Published On: May 23, 2018 9:05 PM IST

Ravi Teja vs Naga Shourya for the second time in 4 months

Tollywood industry got off to a decent start with movies like Bhagamathie and Jai Simha scoring good marks at the ticket counters in January. Then came Chalo, Tholiprema, and Awe which registered great profits at the ticket counters in February. With consecutive movies lined up for release, we saw frequent clashes between mid-range movie.

One such interesting clash featured Naga Shourya’s Chalo and Rav Teja’s Touch Chesi Choodu as both the movies released on February 2nd. The Naga Shourya starrer was termed as a blockbuster as the movie performed exceedingly well at the box office. Sadly, Ravi Teja had to face a disaster in the form of Touch Chesi Choodu.

The interesting news is that Ravi Teja and Naga Shourya will be locking horns against each other for the second time in 4 months. In what looks like a stunning coincidence, Nela Ticket and Chalo will be releasing on the same day(May 25th). Interestingly, Chalo and Touch Chesi Choodu also had a clash at the box office on February 2nd. This is a rare occurrence where two heroes battle it out on the same dates in different months.

Naga Shourya emerged victorious in the first clash as Chalo raced past TCC. It would be interesting to see who will be the winner this time around.