Rajinikanth: Those people should not join my party

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018, 08:12:15 PM IST

Rajinikanth is yet to establish a political party in Tamil Nadu but that is not stopping other political parties from making random allegations against Rajini and his political ideologies.

A few leaders said that Rajini is ready to sell MLA and MP tickets for money and his party will not have any impact on the coming elections.

With pressure mounting on him, Rajini had to make a big revelation and he took it upon himself to settle the dust.

Today, Rajini stated that his party name, symbol, and the flag will be revealed soon.

People who want money and power should not join my party. I am coming with the right cause and do not fear about the consequences. I am not going to take one’s political influence and economic status while assigning MLA or MP ticket to them, said Rajini.

We have been hearing that Rajini may reveal the party details after the release of his sci-fi entertainer, Robo 2.0.