Rahul’s strong reply to BJP’s ‘Data theft’ story

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018, 12:37:42 PM IST

Indian National Congress Party president, Rahul Gandhi replied in a strong manner to BJP’s latest claims. The Congress leader’s latest tweet is hitting BJP right in the face.

It is already known that Indian government made a fuss about the death of 39 Indians in Iraq. This incident was dated 4 years back, but the government did not make any statement regarding it. This led to a massive backlash against the Saffron party.

In a bid to cover their acts, BJP started blaming Congress that they are involved in Facebook’s user data fraud. These comments failed to reduce the heat that BJP was facing and further worsened their condition.

Rahul is making the most of the situation and came up with a hard-hitting reply to BJP. He tweeted that the BJP government is simply trying to cook baseless allegations in order to cover up their faults.

Here is a look at the tweet from the Congress party chief.