Published On: May 25, 2018 5:41 PM IST

Poonam Kaur fires on ‘Agnathavasi’

Poonam Kaur had a decent stint as a heroine in the Tollywood film industry. She did not taste a massive success but managed to sign a few mid-range movies every now and then. Interestingly, the actress came back to the spotlight after targeting Pawan Kalyan for reasons best known to her.

In her latest social media update, Poonam spoke about a star director in Tollywood. She said that this director had links with all 4 big families in the industry and uses his influence to bring movie offers to an NRI heroine. In addition, she gave some easy-to-crack clues that clearly point fingers towards the director of movies like Jalsa and Agnathavasi.

Anyone who has basic knowledge of the Tollywood film industry would have figured out the star writer and director by now. The interesting question is, Who that NRI heroine? Going by Poonam’s posts, it looks like a young NRI heroine who recently starred in Allu Arjun’s army-oriented movie is enjoying the support of the director.

The reason behind this sudden rage from Poonam Kaur is unknown as of now. All in all, she is managing to stay in the spotlight by making allegations against the bigwigs in the Telugu film industry.