Political talk: Chandrababu will enter the scene now

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018, 01:00:46 AM IST

It is an open secret that TDP and Congress have been finding it tough to finalize the MLA&MP ticket allocation procedure. The yellow party leaders were expecting somewhere around 30 MLA tickets but that looks far from reality now.

Apparently, Congress is not willing to offer more than 15 MLA tickets and it is being heard that Chandrababu himself will enter the scene now.

Speaking to his party leaders, Babu advised them to set aside their egos while discussing ticket allocation. Also, the senior leader made it clear that compromising is the only option they have now if the party needs to sustain in Telangana.

TDP should live on in Telangana. We should work our hearts out to ensure the same. Our party has a significant role in the development of Hyderabad. It is our duty to continue the legacy, said Babu.

Regardless, Congress will still stand firm on their decision and Babu will have a very minimal impact in the ticket allocation process, said a source.