Published On: May 28, 2018 11:29 PM IST

Please don’t expect funds for Amaravati

BJP president, Amit Shah made some interesting comments on the development works in Andhra Pradesh capital, Amaravati. He said that the state government has not even finalized the plans for the capital and there is absolutely no progress whatsoever. He added that the plans that are being prepared for Amaravati are closely resembling a world-class capital like in Singapore and that is far from reality in a struggling state like AP.

Interestingly, Amit Shah said that Gujarat was not receiving any financial aid from the central government. This clearly indicates that the central government is not at all interested in allotting special funds or financial support to the capital of Andhra Pradesh. This would be a direct indication for Chandra Babu to come up with simpler and rational plans rather than arbitrary and dream-like ideas.

The interesting point is that BJP promised that they will be standing by the state at all costs and make sure that AP is a settled state by 2019. Sadly, both TDP and BJP went back on their promises and started concentrating on strengthening their parties before the 2019 elections. Even the opposition party, YCP is failing to bring attention to this issue and have set all their focus on criticising TDP. All in all, Amit Shah’s message to the people of AP is please don’t expect funds for Amaravati.