Pick one place, Nara Lokesh

Thursday, May 10th, 2018, 07:57:28 PM IST

Andhra Pradesh IT and Panchayath Raj minister, Nara Lokesh is currently a prominent member in the party. The young leader is yet to find his feet and has never contested as an MLA or MP in his political career. Chandra Babu made sure that Lokesh gets a safe launch pad and made him a nominated MLA and later gave a minister post to him.

However, things have changed and it is time for Lokesh to prove himself as a worthy leader. The opposition parties have already started criticising the ruling party for their lack of confidence on Lokesh and they will stress on the point for the following elections.

The latest news is that Chandra Babu has asked Nara Lokesh to pick an assembly constituency to contest in the 2019 elections. Apparently, Lokesh’s team has started assessing the right place for Lokesh to contest. They are mainly considering the traditional vote bank and the places where YCP have weaker opponents.

It needs to be seen if Lokesh can prove his mark and get elected as an MLA or get a disastrous start to his competitive politics career. Lokesh is said to be considering Chandragiri and Nagiri as optimal constituencies for him.