Published On: Aug 10, 2018 12:50 AM IST

Pic talk: Jagan’s ‘kiss’ picture goes viral

Opposition leader YS Jagan had to face an embarrassing situation at a political rally after one of his woman fans kissed him on the cheek. This picture has gone viral and is one of the most trending posts on social media.

The YCP Chief is on his famous ‘pada yatra’ in Andhra Pradesh and he is known for his huge following of youth in the state. During his rally, the cameras captured the moment when a young girl is seen kissing the YCP Chief who seems slightly abashed at the sudden move and there is another woman in the picture who looks on with a broad smile.

This is not the first that that YS Jagan has had to face an incident of this kind. Only a month ago a video a video of a girl trying to kiss the young political leader went viral on social media. Jagan has been able to attract the youth with his voracious speeches and different approach. But looks like these traits went to attract women fans as well who are swooning over him in his ‘pada yatras’.