Published On: May 31, 2018 5:54 PM IST

People are not willing to choose Modi

The results of bi-elections in 4 parliament constituencies and 10 Legislative assembly constituencies were declared today. Interestingly, the ruling party in the country, BJP put up dismal numbers, winning just 1 MLA and 1 MP seat out of the 11 constituencies. This led to a huge outbreak on social media as the opposition parties are looking to make the most out of the situation by targeting BJP and Modi.

Speaking about the results, Delhi CM, Aravind Kejriwal said that these results are an indication that people are not willing to choose Modi as their leader. He added that the BJP government has failed miserably and let the country down with its below-par governance. Aravind stated that the public is looking for other alternatives and is ready to reject Modi in the 2019 elections.

The election results in Karnataka have come as another shock to BJP as Congress candidate won the elections from RR Nagar constituency. In the meanwhile, a political rift is brewing between JDS and Congress as the parties are finding it tough to strike a deal on the cabinet posts. We can expect further clarity in the following days, said political followers in Karnataka.