Payal : He asked me for personal favors

Friday, October 19th, 2018, 12:40:21 PM IST

Young sensation, Payal Rajput got a dream debut into Tollywood with RX 100. The glamorous actress’s bold show in the movie connected well with the younger section of the audience, making her an overnight star.

Speaking at a recent interview, Payal made some sensational comments about the existence of casting couch culture in Tollywood.

Recently, a producer approached me with a movie offer. After discussing about the story, he asked me for personal favors in order to sign me up. I was shell shocked by his request. However, I controlled my anger and rejected the offer bluntly, said Payal.

Well, Payal’s bold antics in the movie may be misinterpreted by the filmmakers who are making weird requests. One should keep in mind that one’s acting career is completely different from their personal choices.