Published On: Sep 14, 2018 10:08 AM IST

Pawan’s Financier-cum-Bhakthudu ready to ditch him?

Film producer, Bandla Ganesh turned many heads by making highly exaggerated statements on Pawan Kalyan. On various occasions, Bandla said that Pawan Kalyan is his god and has a photo of the star actor in his living room.

There were rumors that Bandla Ganesh is personally overseeing Pawan’s financial accounts and offering support whenever needed. The filmmaker claims that he has many bigwig friends who are well-settled in various fields and that added more fuel to the speculations.

Just when everyone thought Bandla will be a strong a strong pillar for Pawan’s Janasena, the former has given subtle indications that he is about to join the Congress party.

Reportedly, Bandla Ganesh flew to Delhi along with Uttam Kumar Reddy and 50 other leaders from the Congress party. Our sources are saying that Bandla will soon wave goodbye to his god, Pawan Kalyan, and join Congress party in the near future.