Published On: Jul 28, 2018 3:43 AM IST

Pawan’s fans go crazy over Jagan-heroine selfie

A selfie of YCP Chief Jagan and a less known actress Alekhya is going viral on social media. After the brawl that become personal after Jagan commented on Pawan’s marital life, Pawan’s followers have trolled Jagan mercilessly on the social media for taking the selfie.

Pawan Kalyan fans circulated this image on social media and commented that the YCP Chief was moving closely with the actress in the image. However the actress took to social media to request the fans to stop dragging her into unnecessary issues.

The picture was taken in Jagan’s residence in Hyderabad during the launch of a CD and this led to a whole series of posts on social media. It is evident that Pawan Kalyan fans are trying to take revenge on Jagan for making harsh statements about their beloved leader’s personal life.