Pawan Kalyan’s heroine: I hit that director with a slipper

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018, 01:40:58 PM IST

Mumtaj, who played a guest role in Pawan Kalyan’s all-time blockbuster Khushi made some interesting comments regarding the ongoing #MeToo movement.

When asked if she faced any such incidents, Mutaz said ” Yes I faced a few such incidents in the early stages of my career. Once, I hit a director with a slipper when he misbehaved with me. I intimated the same to the actor’s association and they solved the issue.

Mumtaj further added that blindly believing a person does not ensure any justice. We need to hear the versions of the victim and the culprit. Only then we can judge the entire story, said the senior actress who recently took part in Tamil Bigg Boss.