Published On: May 21, 2018 12:21 PM IST

Pawan Kalyan: We will form the government in 2019

Janasena chief, Pawan Kalyan is currently looking to come out all guns blazing against the ruling and opposition parties in Andhra Pradesh. During his Porata Yatra, Pawan breathed fire against TDP and YCP for their lack of conviction towards the fight for special status.

Pawan said that TDP is overlooking Janasena, thinking that we cannot do anything in the following election. We are a political party who will stay with people, fight for the people, and question on behalf of the public. We will be forming the government in the 2019 general elections by registering thumping victories in majority MLA constituencies, said the actor turned politician.

Pawan further added that YCP has failed in playing the opposition role in the state. In fact, Pawan said that he was more influential than YCP over the past few years. He stated that Jagan is mainly aiming for power and not even visiting the assembly and keeping himself busy with Pada Yatra.

The interesting point is that Pawan came into the frame just before 2014 elections and joined the TDP-BJP alliance. However, he was nowhere to be seen after the elections were completed. Interestingly, he came back again just before 2019 elections, will he play a key role this time around? Only time will tell.