Published On: May 30, 2018 6:02 PM IST

Pawan Kalyan: I will not ask Charan to campaign for Janasena

A while ago, Ram Charan openly stated that he is ready to campaign for Janasena if his uncle, Pawan Kalyan asks him. These comments spread like wildfire and the mega family followers were thrilled after seeing the amount of love Charan has towards his Babai. However, this topic did not come to the discussion as Pawan was busy with his Praja Poraata Yatra in Srikakulam district.

The latest news is that Pawan spoke out about the possibility of him inviting Ram Charan or any other mega hero to campaign for Janasena. Pawan said that he will not ask anyone one, not even his family members to campaign for the party. This makes it clear that Pawan will not be asking Ram Charan to campaign for Janasena at least as of now.

It would be interesting to watch if Ram Charan himself will take the initiative and start supporting Janasena during the 2019 elections. Going by the recent turn of events, Charan may not back down to come out and stand by his Babai when he needs him the most.