Pawan Kalyan: BJP is simply following TDP

Friday, May 18th, 2018, 10:52:34 AM IST

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan recently made some interesting comments on the political equations in Karnataka. Pawan said that TDP went ahead and bought YSRCP MLAs during the 2014 elections to weaken the opposition. This step from the yellow party took a toll on moral strength of the opposition party leaders, said Pawan.

Speaking about the political developments in Karnataka, Pawan said that BJP is simply following TDP’s strategy of attracting the lawmakers one way or the other. He said that TDP offered huge financial rewards to the incoming MLAs and BJP is trying to repeat a similar scenario to form the government in Karnataka.

Pawan Kalyan further said that he will be holding Porata Yatra from May 20th and this political tour will last for 45 days. The actor turned politician stated that the main motive behind this Yatra is to openly protest against the negligence shown towards Andhra Pradesh. He said that Janasena will be protesting against the injustice done towards AP after TDP and BJP failed to live up to the promises they made during 2014 elections.

The interesting thing is that Pawan Kalyan stood by TDP-BJP alliance and campaigned for them, saying that the state can progress only if this alliance comes to power. After taking a break from politics for 3 years, he came out saying that the TDP-BJP alliance is a failure and the AP is struggling in their reign. If that is the case, even Pawan Kalyan should take the blame along with these parties.