Pawan is slowly turning into Chiru: RGV

Saturday, February 17th, 2018, 04:09:02 PM IST

Controversial director, Ram Gopal Varma never holds back when it comes to expressing his views on social media. He’s been concentrating more on Pawan Kalyan ever since the actor made his political entry.

RGV came up with quirky tweets about Janasena in the past. There were instances when he went overboard in showing his love towards Pawan and there were instances where he severely criticised Pawan’s ideas.

This controversial director came up with yet another tweet saying that Pawan is slowly turning into his brother, Chiranjeevi. RGV opined that Pawan started Janasena on a great note but his decisions of late have brought down the impact.

RGV added that Janasena is seeming to turn into another Praja Rajyam or even worse for that case. Well, it may be too early to draw conclusions and criticising a person who’s in initial stages of active politics is not fair.