Pawan blasts into close friend on Sri Reddy issue

Friday, April 20th, 2018, 11:41:21 AM IST

Janasena president Pawan Kalyan developed a few friends during his time with TDP during the 2014 elections. Interestingly, he shared a close bonding with TV9 owner Ravi Prakash and the duo attended a few public functions and spoke high about each other.

However, their relationship seems to have taken a beating following a series of disgraceful events. Pawan Kalyan claimed that Ravi Prakash is one of the culprits behind Sri Reddy abusive comments on Pawan and his mother. He stated that a section of media is targeting him and his aging & frail mother for TRP ratings. The interesting thing is that why did Ravi Prakash target Pawan Kalyan all of a sudden. Does this indicate that Ravi Prakash is an ardent supporter of TDP?

On an emotional note, Pawan said that ” If I cannot defend the honor of my mother I better die..” These heart-wrenching comments show the pain and agony he is currently facing.

All in all, we are set for an interesting ride for the next week or so. How will Pawan deal with the section of media? Will he start targeting TDP? Only time will tell.