Overseas : Bharath failed, what about Surya?

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018, 06:48:57 PM IST

The overseas market for Tollywood films has seen a substantial growth over the past few years. Top heroes in Tollywood enjoy a tremendous following in the USA market and that is making the overseas distributors shell out a fortune for screening rights. Especially, superstar Mahesh Babu has a huge following in the USA and even his disasters make it past the $1 million mark.

With Mahesh’s following in mind, a noted overseas distribution company acquired the rights for a staggering sum of Rs 19 crores. Despite the positive word of mouth, Mahesh’s film is finding it tough to reap huge benefits for the makers. As per sources, the movie has collected $3.3 million(Still running) in the USA. At the max, this movie may end up collecting $3.7 – $3.8 million. This makes it clear that BAN may just go past the break-even figure. This is really surprising that Mahesh’s superhit movie is failing to reap profits in the overseas.

Apparently, the same distribution house has acquired the rights for Allu Arjun’s Naa Peru Surya as well. Reportedly, the distributors paid 7.5 crores for the movie. The target may seem smaller, but Naa Peru Surya should garner a positive talk right from the premieres and should hold firm to ensure profits. The movie is getting a grand slam release and the USA premieres are set to be screened today. It would be interesting to watch if Surya will reap profits for the buyers.