Published On: Sep 12, 2018 3:57 AM IST

Old videos giving headaches to KCR?

The members of the Opposition parties recently attacked Caretaker Chief Minister KCR on social media. They dug up some old videos of the Mr.Rao’s speeches and promises made during elections to expose the TRS Chief and his party.

These videos show KCR and KTR making promises on key issues, which have not been fulfilled till date, contradictory to the TRS’s claims of development in the state. The videos have become a source of humor and are being spread around making people crack jokes on the caretaker CM’s credibilities.

TPCC leaders are questioning the party on its failure to fulfill its assurances while TRS leaders are trying vigorously to defend the party. This has become a major issue for the caretaker CM KCR who is determined to come back to power in the coming elections. These could cause a huge hindrance in the party and make people start questioning them.