NTR’s shocking remuneration for Pathala Bhairavi

Monday, April 9th, 2018, 06:38:04 PM IST

Pathala Bhairavi is one one of the most remarkable films in the legendary actor, Sr NTR’s career. The movie was applauded for its technical brilliance and graceful performances from the lead cast.

However, Sr NTR and SV Ranga Rao were not the initial choices for the director, KV Reddy. Following a few interesting turn of events, KV Reddy finalized NTR and SVR for the roles. The lead cast were so dedicated that they used to practice the fight sequences right from 4:30 AM in the morning. Surprisingly, NTR was paid just Rs 250 and had an agreement that he should act in 4 movies under Vahini banner.

Pathala Bhairavi was first released with 13 prints. After the movie achieved great success, the makers rolled out 60 prints. The movie completed 100 days in 10 centers and that was a big record back then. Ghantasala’s soulful music is a major plus point for the film.