Published On: Jun 12, 2018 10:05 AM IST

NTR’s daughter fires on Babu

BJP senior leader, Purandeshwari made some interesting comments on Chandra Babu and his political aspirations. She said that Babu is trying to deceive the public by spreading false news about the NDA government and create a tensed atmosphere in Andhra Pradesh. The fact that these comments were made by Sr NTR’s daughter make the latest developments even more interesting.

Purandeshwari further said that Babu left the NDA alliance to portray himself as a loser and push the blame onto the central government to gain some sympathy from the voters. Speaking about the Polavaram project, the BJP leader said that a major part of this credit goes to Nitin Gadkari, who oversaw the proceedings and personally spoke with Navayuga(builders) officials and made sure that the project received enough financial and technical support.

Things are getting interesting in Andhra Pradesh as political leaders are not backing down to make strong personal comments on their opponents. The political rivalry that BJP and TDP developed in a span of less than a year shows the desperation of these parties. The Tome and Jerry war between these parties will eventually fade away from public interest and that is for sure.