Published On: May 26, 2018 12:54 AM IST

Not even a single vote against Kumaraswamy

It looks like the 2-months-long political drama in Karnataka has come to a peaceful end, at least for now. The incoming reports from Karnataka assembly suggest that the confidence motion bought up by HD Kumaraswamy has been passed in the house.

The floor test was held today and Kumaraswamy needed a minimum of 111 MLAs to win the floor and take charge as the chief minister of Karnataka. As expected by many, Yeddyurappa came up with a fiery speech against the Congress-JDS alliance. He termed the development as an “Unholy alliance” and staged a walkout, followed by his party MLAs.

The opposition seats were found vacant as all the opposition party MLAs had walked out. Incidentally, the floor test was held in the absence of opposition leaders. This way, not even a single vote was polled against Kumaraswamy. who formed the government with 117 MLAs on his side( With support from individuals).

It is being heard that BJP has already prepared a master plan to dethrone the Congress-JDS government after the completion of MP election in 2019. It needs to be seen if the saffron party will be successful in unstabilizing the government or Kumaraswamy will serve as the CM for 5 years.