No salary for NDA MPs

Friday, April 6th, 2018, 12:17:09 AM IST

The National Democratic Alliance has taken a strong decision on the salary for the MPs. Union minister, Ananth Kumar said that the NDA MPS will not be taking their salaries for the 23 days when parliament was continuously disrupted.

Ananth Kumar said that the MPs do not have the right to receive the salary for the days they could not serve the public. It is already known that the parliament was adjourned for a record 11 times yesterday. This shows the amount of negligence being shown by the leaders.

Ananth Kumar accused Congress of following undemocratic ways in the house. The Congress MPs are not showing any maturity and causing the house to be adjourned repeatedly. NDA is committed to serving the general public and the latest act is an example of the same, concluded the union minister.