No results in AP, let us shift to Delhi: CBN

Friday, April 13th, 2018, 10:01:13 AM IST

Andhra Pradesh Pratyek Hoda Sadhana Samithi has called for a bandh on April 16th. The committee has called for support from all the political parties in the state.

As expected, all the prominent parties in AP have declared that they will be lending their support to the bandh. However, Chandra Babu had other ideas and refused to pledge his support. CBN said that holding bandhs in AP will not have any impact on the central government. He urged the political parties to join him in the fight against the central government from Delhi.

One can clearly see a point in CBN’s argument. Any fights and protests in AP can have a minimal effect as the central government won’t be facing the heat. However, holding allegations in Delhi is easier said than done, it would be interesting to watch if CBN can come on top.