No other option for Congress and BJP

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018, 09:53:51 AM IST

The incoming reports from Karnataka suggest that Congress and BJP are going neck to neck in the 2018 general elections. As of now, BJP candidates are leading in 85 constituencies and Congress candidates are maintaining the lead in 80 constituencies. Going by these trends, we can expect a hung in Karnataka as no party will be able to form the government on their own.

With around 30 MLA seats, JDS will surely play the kingmaker’s role in the neighboring state. HD Kumaraswamy will be a busy man for a week or so as both Congress and BJP will go all in on gaining JDS’s support. This makes it clear that Kumaraswamy will be demanding some fat portfolio’s and look to make the most out the demand the party will enjoy in the following days.

With no other option, both Congress and BJP will be bowing down to Kumaraswamy’s demands as they need his support to form the government. Moreover, 2018 Karnataka elections are taking great twists and turns with every passing round( counting ).